•    According to Thailand being a Buddhist country, there are a lot of custom related to a religion. Travelling in Thailand and knowing what to do and what to not do during your stay, you will know how to behalf and have good manners not to against Thai people. Moreover, people will fully respect and honor you. 

       1. Do dress appropriately especially in religious compounds and Grand Palace. Shorts, short skirts, sleeveless shirts and see-through cloths are not allowed strictly in those places. Ladies wearing skirts longer than knee level are required in some throne halls. 
       2. DO take off your shoes and hats before entering a chapel. Having socks or sunglasses on is totally fine.
       3. DO leave some amount of tip to service providers such as waiter/waitress, bellboys and tour drivers.
       4. DO stand when you hear national anthem in public especially in movie theaters and BTS sky train platform at 8 am.and 6 pm. 

       1. DO NOT touch anyone's head but little children. Head is the highest part of the body. Also, feet are the lowest part of the body, so DO NOT point your feet for showing things. In a temple chapel, when you sit on a floor, keep your feet one side or fold your legs. DO NOT point your feet to Buddha images or people. 
       2. DO NOT show affection between men and women in public such as no kissing, but holding hands is fine. 
       3. DO NOT shake hands for greeting in many provinces especially in outskirts. On the other hand, this action is doing in big cities. Instead, greeting with Thai style by wai, joining palms together at a chest level and bending your head a little is welcomely appreciated. 
       4. DO NOT insult physically or by words to the highest respectful King, the Queen and Royal family. The punishment is likely to go to jail. 
       5. DO NOT trust strangers who offer free or cheap tuk tuk or taxi ride. They may take you to places where you do not want to go. 
       6. DO NOT climb on or show with lack of respect to ruined Buddha images.  
       7. DO NOT touch or closely stand to monks and novices (young monks who are under 20 years old) for women. On the other hand, it is vice versa to nuns for

Indeed, Thai people are very polite and gentle. If foreigners are doing something against the custom, they are too shy to tell you not to do it. You will be able to figure out from many pairs of eyes looking at you.  At least, remember one word to say sorry which is kor thod krup for men) or kor thod ka for women. They are pleased to forgive and forget about your unintended action. Have a wonderful  time in Thailand.