•    Jet Lag relief massage is suitable to those who travel by air plane or train or car and sit on the same position for a long time. It is hard to adjust time zone and rest well. Though, jet lag and sore muscles are difficult to avoid. They often leave you feel drained and sluggish. The fastest way to relieve your body from jet lag is to get a massage. The treatment is intended to invigorate, and leave the body fresh and reconnected.

       Before the massage starts, you need to be naked under a towel because the massage therapist will perform full body massage with essential oil to ease up your sore muscles from head to toes. He/she will use the oil that enhances blood circulation, ease muscular pain and relax muscles especially lower backs, legs, shoulders and arms. The therapist uses massage techniques to stimulate circulation and help clear the mind and leave you feel energetic and refreshed. The massage session can be 90 minutes or more for better effectiveness. Importantly, you need to drink lots of water and get enough sleep. Then, your body will adjust to a new time zone and new surroundings completely.