•    Knowledge of massage therapists who work for Bangkok Outcall Thai Massage service is much more than you expect. After our graduation of massage schools, Nuad Thai practitioners (Traditional Thai massagers) have to learn deeper to get more knowledge in different massage fields to be certified by National Skill Standard and become professional Thai massage therapists. 
  •    Due to Health Science, we have to learn Physiology and Anatomy to know well about human body including veins, arteries and lymph systems. Moreover, these subjects link to basic mental health which we can get to know clients better. Another important knowledge which we cannot look over is first aid. Talking about Thai Traditional medicine, Ethics and Laws, we have to learn Theories of basic Thai Traditional medicine, herbs for primary health care, Thai-style exercises called Rue See Dad Tone (ฤษีดัดตน) literally means hermits twisting themselves. These subjects make us understand more related to Thai valued herbs, body lines, moral principles and what we can do and what we cannot. 
  •    What make us understand roots of traditional Thai massage is to learn about history, study and application of Thai massage. One of the important factors which distinguishes traditional Thai massage from others is to press on ten energy main lines which are running all over human body. Moreover, studying how Thai massage is good for health affecting to clients directly because we are able to adapt what we learn to make the clients healthier and boost their immune systems causing of rejuvenation and anti-age. The must learning is how to massage for general pain symptom and for health relaxation. These help the clients reduce pains in particular, muscle stiffness and make them relax like in heaven. 
  •    Last but not least, prohibition and precaution are the awareness which we have to keep in mind.
  •    A large amount of our knowledge is able to make you feel differently and get physically and mentally benefits because massage is not squeezing, but good health! Call us to make an appointment +66 82 975 6681 from 9:00 am. - 10:30 pm. Earlier or later time will be on request.